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Flag Day Quotations- Flag Day Poems Messages And Quotes To Celebrated Flag day 2017

Flag day quotes 2017: -hi American folks and welcome back to the blog. You know friends in india three colours available in the flag, orange, white and green. But when you analyze our flag then you can see many stars in blue colors and red lines with white background and when you see the flag then you can understand that flag say many  things for our country. Anyway friends here i have flag day speech along with flag day poems. If you are looking for quotes then here i have flag day quotes and messages 2017.  Visit my previous article, Flag Day Facts And History || What Is Flag day? [2017] To get more information.

Flag Day Poems Messages And Quotes To Celebrated Flag day 2017

Happy Flag day Quotes

Happy Flag day Quotes
Happy Flag day Quotes

It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag. Donald Trump Happy Flag day Quotes

Our flag honors those who have fought to protect it, and is a reminder of the sacrifice of our nation's founders and heroes. As the ultimate icon of America's storied history, the Stars and Stripes represents the very best of this nation. Joe Barton

I'm in love with red. I think it's such a passionate color. Every flag of every country pretty much has red it it. It's power, there's no fence sitting with red. Either you love it or you don't. I think its blood and strength and life. I do love red. I love all colors. Great shades of blue, you find them in nature. They're all magic. Bryan Batt Happy Flag day Quotes

Flag day poetry 2017

Flag day poetry 2017
Flag day poetry 2017

                by Roger W Hancock
Our country’s flag, a banner heralds,
equality learned, equality seeks.
Represents created rights,
out of oppression came foresight.
Our nation’s flag may not be liked,
but has respect through out the world.
Power exists when premise just,
victory came when right entrust.
The colors evoke the pride in us.
Patriotism; red, white and blue.
Right prevails when self, denied,
then rights for all are fortified.  Flag day poetry 2017

Messages for flag day

Messages for flag day
Messages for flag day

Freedom of religion is a principle that is central to our Nation's Declaration of Independence. Congress has taken this positive step to protect our freedom to express allegiance to America's flag and the ideals it represents. Ron Lewis Messages for flag day

I'm happy to be on a winning team. My individual success, that lasts for a short period of time. The success of being a part of the South, of Atlanta, which is now the hot bed of music, that's what's gonna last the longest. The fact that I contributed to planting our flag and moving music to my city, that's what I'm most proud of. T.I.

Nowhere else in history has there ever been a flag that stands for the right to burn itself. This is the fractal of our flag. It stands for the right to destroy itself. Ken Kesey Messages for flag day

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