Saturday, 16 September 2017

Happy Deepawali 2017, Time Date, Lakshmi Puja Vrat and Rituals

Deepawali, or Diwali, is a celebration celebrated by all Hindus to commemorate Lord Rama and his wife, the return of Sita to Ayodhya after his 14-year exile. It was a dark night when they returned for the first time, so their people lit their houses with small lamps (Diyas), so that Rama and Sita could find their way.

Happy Deepawali 2017, Time Date, Lakshmi Puja Vrat and Rituals
diwali 2017

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Friday, 15 September 2017

Happy Diwali Wishes Messages SMS Images And Greetings 2017

Diwali Wishes 2017 : Hey friend here are the best diwali wishes greeting cards where you can share it with your friends and with all of the peoples. Diwali is one of the best festival in Hinduism and all the Hindu peoples celebrate it grandly. We also offer diwali wishes in hindi also. The Diwali is celebrated for four days. For the awesome things about diwali here are the diwali wishes quotesto share with your buddies. Diwali can be considered as the most important festival in Hinduism, Also there are a lot of diwali wishes message in english too just share it with all of the peoples you love. Here we offer you some great things to share to celebrate the great Diwali. There are some high quality diwali wishes images. Here are some diwali wishes in marathi just if you know this language share it with your locals. We also give you diwali wishes sms just copy paste in your mobile and share it with your loved ones. Here are the awesome diwali wishes greetings just share it on Facebook.

Diwali Wishes
diwali patake
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Happy Diwali SMS 2017 Collection || Beautiful Text SMS And Messages of Diwali

Happy Diwali 2017 SMS

First of all, Happy Diwali 2017 wishes to all beloved readers. The post is destined to provide “Happy Diwali SMS” 2017 edition. This year, the Diwali, often known as Deepvali, is on November 3rd 2017. Diwali, one of the most holiest festival of India is just few days away. For those who are unaware, it is a new year according to Hindu calendar. Each year, people celebrate this auspicious occasion by greeting each other and by taking blessings from the elders. It is also known as a festival of light and mithai (sweets). Previously, we provided a huge collection of fresh Diwali images and wallpapers so you can greet your elders with better message on this auspicious festival. This time around we’re back with the happy diwali 2017 SMS collection. Diwali has a rich tradition and is also celebrated in many other hindu countries. Nepal is also celebrating this festival of joy with same enthusiasm. Consider this as a new year of hindus.

diwali ganesh
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Happy Diwali 2017 ! Shubh Diwali 2017 ! (History And Information Of Diwali)

Diwali 2017  is just around the corner, only 158 days to go! The event of the year for people in India and the Indian communities around the world! 

What is Diwali ?

The word "Diwali" is a contraction of "Deepavali", originating from the Sanskrit word Dīpāvalī (दीपावली) which can be translated to "Row of Lights". Hence the Diwali Festival is also called the "Festival of Lights". Diwali is the name for the festival in North-India. In South-India the festival is called "Deepavali".

Happy Diwali 2017 ! Shubh Diwali 2017 !
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Diwali Rangoli Designs 2017: Best of Rangoli Design Ever (india)

Diwali Rangoli Designs Collection 2017

Diwali is the festival of lights and bright colors. This is a widely popular festival in India. Ladies prefer to make new dishes to welcome the guests. Similarly, they also draw beautiful diwali rangoli designs outside the home to showcase their arts. It is believed that the rangoli designs bring peace at home. Even, Diwali is widely linked to rangoli designs. The rangoli and colors is the true identity of the festival. It is a way to welcome the lord. Besides religious belief, it is said to be linked with unknown scientific reason. Of course, science is yet to find out the importance of the rangoli designs.

The Rangoli colors holds a great importance in the culture of India. South Indians prefer to draw a rangoli every morning. They firmly believe that it keeps evil spirits away from the home. It also brings prosperity and peace in the life.  You can even download some of the latest diwali 2017 SMS and greeting messages to wish your family members from A large number of festivals are falling every year in India, but Diwali holds the utmost importance for the lovers of bright colors. It brings great cheers to people and make them united.

Diwali is the biggest festival of India and Rangoli enlightens the festival with different colors besides fire crackers. The gleam of Diyas and colors of Rangoli makes the festival bright. Nearly every household of India celebrating Diwali decorates the house by Rangoli. The art of Rangoli was basically originated in Maharashtra and is popular all over the India. See some of the best diwali imageswhich we covered previously on this blog. It is used in different festivals. Rangoli is called Alpana in West Bengal and Kolam in South India.

Diwali Rangoli Collection

The Rangoli must be unique and impressive to attract people. It can be of any shape and design. It is hard to find the best design of Rangoli. After some research, we had found some designs for Rangoli to make it look more beautiful and unique. Take a look at our diwali rangoli collection.

diwali-rangoli-pattern 2017
diwali rangoli 2017
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Friday, 18 August 2017

Happy Yom Kippur 2017 Dates, Prayers, Hebrew Calendar, Wiki

HappyYom Kippur 2017 Dates, Prayers, Hebrew Calendar, Wiki: Yom Kippur is the biggest festivals of the Jewish people where many pupil around the world mostly the Jewish comes together to this particular day to celebrate Yom Kippur. Happy Yom Kippur 2017 will be celebrated on 23rd of September where there will be great summit of Jewish people in a synagogue which is their holy place for prayer and worship.

Happy Yom Kippur 2017, in Hebrew the meaning of the word is Day of Atonement on this very day all the people gets together for performing a mass prayers with 24 hour of fasting duration while the prayer is going on. Traditionally, the Yom Kippur is celebrated by the Jewish pupils which includes Fasting as well as Praying to their God for seeking of forgiveness for their sin.
Happy Yom Kippur 2017 Dates, Prayers, Hebrew Calendar, Wiki
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Sunday, 13 August 2017

[Top*30+] 15 August (Independence Day) Quotes 2017 And 15 August Quotes In Hindi/English

15 August Quotes 2017 And 15 August Quotes In Hindi/English :-Hello my dear lovely Indians Brothers/Sisters Welcome again on my awesome blog.I Thing you are a searching on Internet like 15th august quotes Along With 15th August 2017 Quotes In Hindi-English so dear friends we are today specially present to you Best of the best quotes on this we are already published here You can also like this 15 August Speech Marathi i hope you will be like this post.Do you know 15 August 1947 lets some information about this independence day.

15 August 1947 :-Independence is a great day for the country which has long been suffering from British rule. we are about August 15 1947 which is also called Independence Day. This Day August 15  32 million people had seen the morning of Independence. The day we got away the British from Indian was completely free from slavery.

15 August (Independence Day) Quotes  2017 :- 

[Top*30+]  15 August (Independence Day) Quotes 2017 And 15 August Quotes In Hindi/English
15 August Quotes

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15 August Speech [71th Independence Day Speeches] From Narendra Modi In Hindi

15 August Speech:-  hi there welcome to the blog of Indian festival and today we want to share our country love. 3 days ago Feroz Ah Dar [Indian police army] killed by terrorist during fast Of Ramadan. May allah bless him and Rest in peace [RIP].  So like him many soldiers died for our country india same like our freedom fighter. 15 august 1947 the india get independent from British kingdom. And this is the day of independent for us and many people killed for india for this independent.  So we should remember them and pray for them and honor them and this is our responsibility. Anyway here i have short speech on Independence Day, 15 august speech in Hindi and Independence Day speech for teachers so you do not need to go other blog because here i have great A to Z stud for you.  There are two biggest day of india one is this and other is republic day. Both are official holiday and in school, colleges, police station, court and other government places. You know friends independence day speech in English for students along with short speech on independence day for school students are also most trending today in India.  So people don’t be Rude and enjoy this stuff without any tension. If you are looking for independence day speech in english for school students download then you have landed on right place because here i have independence day speech in hindi with independence day speech in english for school students pdf.

15 August Speech In Hindi From Narendra Modi

  71th Independence Day Speeches in hindi  71th Independence Day Speeches in hindi
15th August Independence Day Speech
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Latest 15 August Poem 2017 And 15 August (Independence Day) Poem In Hindi

Latest 15 August Poems 2017 And 15 August (Independence Day) Poem In Hindi:-Hello Dear Indians brothers welcome again on my web.Do you searching on google 15th august poems & 15 August poems In Hindi so don't worry we are to day fully provided and published here.i hope you will be like this post.we are also submitted here 15 August Slogans In Hindi. so my Indians brothers feeling relax and enjoy our blog.let me some discuss about 15 august 2017.

15 August 2017 :- This day celebrated in all the states and union territories of India.the national flag hoisting ceremony is also observed in schools,colleges,societies and government place.buildings are decorated by tri-colour lights.

New And Latest 15th August 2017 Poem :-

Latest 15 August Poem 2017 And 15 August (Independence Day) Poem In Hindi
15 august poem

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Most Selected 15 August Shayari In Hindi 2017 !!! 15 August Independence Day Shayari In Hindi

15 August Shayari In Hindi 2017:-Hello my dear Indians friends welcome to my blog.if you searching 15 August Shayari In Hindi And 15 August Shayari In Hindi Frontso you are perfect place landing here.This day is a day of great significance for all Indians. That is why many school students, writers and many people remember this day by reading and listening to the Shayari/Poetry on this day.we are Submitted all shayari on 15 august shayari Along with 15 august shayari sms so lats enjoy and now we are also posted here 15 August 2017 Speech In Hindi For School.Shayari reads and speaking very well. People write differently about patriotism. Children of every school listen to new shayari and listen to their friends. That is why we have brought Shayari to everyone for you.15 august desh bhakti shayari &15 august independence day shayari.more people like to read it in Hindi. So today we provide you Hindi shayari in Hindi language like 15 august shayari hindi me / Also 15th august shayari in hindi.i hope you will be like this post so lets first discuss about 15 August.

15 August 1947:-Independence day is an annual national festival celebrated as anniversary of national independence to commemorate India's  independence from British Empire on 15 of August in 1947.
On August 15, every school is hoisted in the morning. All Indians salute the Indian tricolor. And the students of the school read shayari in their own words.shayari on 15 august independence day Many of which we are providing with you today.

15 August Shayari :-

15 August Speech In Hindi Shayari 2017 and 15 August Independence Day Speech In Hindi With Shayari
15 august shayari

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